Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time for school board to stop charade — John Freshwater controversy

Community members expressed their disappointment with the Mount Vernon City Schools, Ohio, Board of Education at their June 15, 2009 meeting.

In the last nine months only one person—Ron Meharry—has spoken out in the meetings in favor of the school board’s handling of the controversy.

School board members did not give any response in the meeting to what the public had to say.

The Mount Vernon News has posted an article about the meeting, "Citizens square off with MV school board."

Opinions expressed are those of the individuals expressing them.

Steve Thompson

Levi Stickle

Click here for the text of Levi Stickle's comments.

Dee Briggs

Bob Brayton

Jeff Cline
Click here to view the video of Jeff Cline’s comments. (I removed it as an embedded video because I wasn’t sure that it was related to the topic of Mount Vernon Middle School.)


Anonymous said...

I think the board is starting to cave. They don't have a case that will win in court...At least, not with a impartial judge.

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem with all the folks speaking out on how the board has handled this. JOHN FRESHWATER ASKED FOR THE HEARING. John Freshwater is the one costing the school district $300,000. He asked for it. Jeff Cline also needs to stay away from school libraries. The book he quoted is a sexual health education book. It's used across the country and is not pushing any homosexual agenda. He's the xenophobe in this matter.

Anonymous said...

The board is caving?? What makes you say that? Thay don't have a case??? What makes you say that?

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