Monday, September 7, 2009

He’s got a Poster at the School

A poster hanging on the wall of the Mount Vernon Middle School library states “HE’S GOT the WHOLE WORLD in HIS HANDS.” It’s been there for awhile, apparently posing no problem to anyone—including school board members who hold their monthly meeting in the room.

The quote originates from a song by the same name. A teacher’s study guide available online for the song—created by Kadir Nelson who’s name also appears on the poster—says that the students should be asked their thoughts on the meaning of “He.”

(This poster is on display at the Mount Vernon Middle School library. The poster artwork is by Kadir Nelson.)

(This poster was deemed to be religious by school administration. The photograph was taken January 28, 2003. © Brooks Kraft/CORBIS. The poster was printed by Freeport Press, Inc.)

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