Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paula Barone Video – August 4, 2008 Mount Vernon School Board

I’ve uploaded the video of Paula Barone from when she spoke at the August 4, 2008 school board meeting.

I had originally left her comments off YouTube due to a portion of her comments being retracted—but since she is now a candidate for the board her comments are of more importance than they might have seemed last summer.


A person on, identify himself as Sam Barone, posted the following comment about the video:

“Thank you, mountvernon1805, for recovering Paula's comments from that meeting. I was never prouder of my wife than I was that evening as she so articulately stated the case for religion-neutral classrooms in our public schools.

“I was, of course, disappointed that I had misidentified Mr. XXXX (I don't want to unfairly name him again) to her as the individual who had approached me at the previous board meeting. But as you noted, I immediately rose to apologize to Paula, and to Mr. XXXXX, for MY mistaking his identity. Ironically, the Minuteman member who had made the comments to me WAS in the audience that night, but made no attempt to take ownership of them. I thought that particularly cowardly on his part.

“Nevertheless, thank you again mountvernon 1805 for making available to everyone Paula's comments from that evening. I believe hearing them (despite MY regretable error) will help Mount Vernon School District voters understand why the school board needs someone of her integrity, clear thinking and, above all, respect for all Mount Vernon students.”

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