Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MV school board bids farewell to Sharon Fair

The last regular meeting of the Mount Vernon Board of Education for 2011, held on Monday, included a presentation of a “Distinguished Service Award” to outgoing board member Sharon Fair. The board also said goodbye to Treasurer Barbara Donahue.

The legislative liaison report, by board member Paula Barone, included mention of House Bill 136 (see 55:12-58:00 in video). The board had previously approved a resolution stating opposition to HB 136, which the board said if enacted “would significantly expand the availability of vouchers for students to attend private or parochial schools” (see JPG copy of resolution). Barone said that the Ohio School Board Association “has reiterated its stance against this legislation.”

The website School Choice Ohio states about HB 136, “This proposal would give many parents the opportunity to choose an educational environment that best meets their needs rather than conforming to a one-size-fits-all model.”

(Mount Vernon Board of Education, Dec. 12, 2011 meeting)

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