Thursday, January 12, 2012

MVBOE Members Sworn In

New Mount Vernon Board of Education member Cheryle Feasel and re-elected members Dr. Margie Bennett and Jody Goetzman took an improvised oath of office at the board's Tuesday organizational meeting. The organizational meeting was followed by the first regular meeting of the year.

For a non-paraphrased version of the oath, see the 2010 swearing in: "MVBOE New Members Sworn In."

See here for a PDF copy of the agendas for both meetings.

During public participation, Richard Hoppe spoke to board members about the importance of attending the local science fair.

MVBOE Members Sworn In (Jan 2012)

Richard Hoppe invites MVBOE to science fair

UPDATE - “Oath of office of member”:

The following is Ohio Revised Code 3313.10 (“Oath of office of member”):

“Before entering upon the duties of his office each person elected or appointed a member of a board of education shall take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the constitution of this state and that he will perform faithfully the duties of his office. Such oath may be administered by the treasurer or any member of the board.”

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