Thursday, January 14, 2010

Problematic Poster?

There used to be a poster hanging in the Mount Vernon Middle School library that stated “HE’S GOT the WHOLE WORLD in HIS HANDS.” (See previous article “He’s got a Poster at the School.” )

During the recent school board meeting on January 11—the board meetings are held in the middle school library—I noticed the poster was gone. Did someone at the school have a problem with the poster?

Perhaps someone realized that if this poster was going to be allowed at the school then maybe the poster that was in John Freshwater’s classroom was OK. (Freshwater had a poster that showed George W. Bush and his cabinet with their heads bowed.)

(The photo to the left shows a vacant spot on a middle school library wall where the poster used to be. The photo at the right was taken September 2009.)


FSM_Ed said...

Correcting a wrong is always a smart thing to do. Posters of that nature are wrong whenever they are up.

Rebecca said...

Hi, Sam.

This makes me sad. :(

I went to a country school growing up that was almost like a Christian school. It had its problems, yes, but there were Christian-promoting signs up. In fact, what was really neat about my high school is that they promoted abstinence over safe sex. If you took home ec, you got to hear a lady strongly encourage people to wait until marriage, and to sign abstinence cards. It was neat.

And, I don't remember this, but my mom said to me years back that my first grade teacher had a picture of Jesus. Oooo. I wish I remembered seeing that. :D

I really enjoyed going to a country school. I wouldn't have traded it for a city school.

So, this entry really grabbed by attention.

Sam Stickle (mountvernon1805) said...


Mount Vernon City Schools still allows religious/inspirational material in some places—they just haven’t developed any consistency in how to decide if something is appropriate or not.

The school is in a bit of a problem because they began picking on one teacher—John Freshwater—now they have to either be consistent or back down from their criticism of him.

The poster shouldn’t have been any real problem—there are many other posters hanging in that library. One is even of Yoda from Star Wars encouraging kids to read. (Yoda, of course, is a religious character. Some fans of Star Wars have taken the idea so far as to form a “church”: BBC article “Force strong for new Jedi church”)

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