Monday, May 10, 2010

Student Testimony—John Freshwater Addresses School Board

John Freshwater told the Mount Vernon Board of Education that he believed the board was not being updated on the testimony from his hearing.

During Monday’s board meeting, Freshwater summarized the recent testimony of ten students.

The ten students were from the same class as Zachary Dennis, Freshwater said.

Freshwater supplied the board with copies of the affidavits from the witnesses.

Board members did not respond to Freshwater’s comments but did allow him additional time beyond the standard three minutes for public participation.

UPDATE—related documents:

Student affidavits (3.45 MB PDF).

The PDF contains the affidavits of most of the student witnesses that testified at the Freshwater hearing April 29-30, 2010.

UPDATE—related media coverage:

The following are two articles from the Mount Vernon News about the student testimony at the Freshwater hearing April 29-30, 2010:

“Freshwater: Source remains mystery”

“Students testify in Freshwater hearing”

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