Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mount Vernon Middle School: “Behind the Scenes” Award Goes to News Reporter

In the midst of the controversy surrounding the Mount Vernon Middle School and its suspended teacher John Freshwater, the school principal gave a “Behind the Scenes” award to the education reporter from the Mount Vernon News.

Principal Bill White presented the award during the Mount Vernon City Schools Board of Education meeting on February 2, 2009. “Actually, its kinda funny to give a ‘Behind the Scenes’ award to the person who is out in front of everything that is going on,” White said.

(News reporter Pam Schehl is presented with “Behind the Scenes” award from Mount Vernon Middle School principal Bill White.)

The Mount Vernon News reported on Schehl’s receiving the award. The News quoted White as saying, “She can be counted on to be there for the kids and for the teachers. […] She balances writing about what’s right with education with doing her job and reporting on the not-so-positives things in the schools.”

Schehl wrote the article for the News covering the school board meeting. She has also written many of the articles for the News about the Freshwater controversy.

UPDATE 2/26/09:

The Mount Vernon News reports that Schehl is a finalist in the Associated Press Society of Ohio’s 2008 newspaper competition: “Pam Schehl, Best Breaking News for her articles on the Freshwater controversy.” The winners will not be announced until May 3.

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