Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weston Subject of Comments: MV School Board Meeting

Dr. Lynda Weston, formerly Director of Teaching and Learning at Mount Vernon City Schools, Ohio, was the subject of the public participation portion of Monday’s school board meeting. Weston is scheduled to testify at the February 20, 2009, John Freshwater contract termination hearing.*

Weston recently retired and the board is in the process of finding a person to fill her position. The board is considering re-hiring Weston for the position, although according to board president, Ian Watson, it would be only for a very short period to fill in until another person can be found.

“We are talking months, not years, and very few months,” Watson said. “That is not our first choice, certainly, I repeat myself on that. But if we cannot find a permanent person to fill that position prior to probably spring break, we will have to have a plan ‘B’ in effect.”

Controversy has arisen in the community over what Weston’s involvement may be in the process of seeking the firing of Freshwater.

Those that spoke at the school board meeting talked about their interaction with Weston and their knowledge of how Weston has handled the hiring of teachers in the school district.

Attempts to contact Weston for comment have been unsuccessful.

*According to the Mount Vernon News website, the February 20 hearing has been postponed until February 26. Delayed again.... The Mount Vernon News website at 4:55 P.M. on Wednesday (2/25/09) posted this news item, "The hearing originally scheduled to resume this Thursday has been postponed until Friday, February 27."

( Weston Subject of Comments (part 1): MV School Board Meeting 2/2/09 )

( Weston Subject of Comments (part 2): MV School Board Meeting 2/2/09 )


mk said...

A teacher testifies under oath and admits to many of the accusations.... it must fall on deaf ears.
The teacher is the one accountable for the hearing. His lawyer also appears to be dragging it on.

Jane said...

It sounds like the teacher is doing the right thing. It also sounds like Mrs. Weston is very biased and does not need to be employed to press her views on the school district and how things are run. It's amazing and sad, I'm sure there are many other situations like this going on all around the country. The school board should reinstate Mr. Freshwater and stop the trial. I hope people in the district continue to stand up to the school board. I would like to see what would happen if a majority of parents pulled their students from the school and homeschooled. I am sure their would be an outpouring of people who would teach/tutor students and the students would get a very good education.

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